About Us
The PRW Brand

Several years ago, PRWI recognized the need for branded, high-performance aftermarket parts that were value-priced, and readily available on an in-stock basis. After a great deal of market research and further product development, the Performance Racing Warehouse (PRW) lineup of products was introduced to the performance aftermarket industry.

PRW products are manufactured in PRWI production facilities, under the scrutiny of its own managers, technicians and inspectors. PRW insists that these products meet or exceed SFI specifications and other industry established quality standards, guidelines, and mandates.

PRW is building consumer and industry brand awareness through regional and national automotive magazine and trade publications, internet marketing, trade show participation, automotive celebrity endorsements, and grass root circle track and drag race events. The PRW internet presence includes a dealer and distributor website that details technical and installation instructions, product information, ongoing promotional venues, dealer and distributor listings, advertising slicks and other information available 24 hours a day to PRW customers.

Customer service is available through the toll-free number with knowledgeable staff available during normal business hours. Online assistance, order fulfillment and tracking information is also readily available.

The PRW Central Shipping Facility

The PRW centralized shipping facility is located in Placentia , California . This building contains 12,000 square feet of warehouse storage, nearly 3,000 square feet of office space, and a 3,000 square foot Product Development Department. There is a dedicated shipping and receiving computerized network to expedite material handling.

The PRW Business Model

PRW branded products are sold through the performance automotive aftermarket network of machine shops, engine builders, dealers, and various levels of distributors across the country. PRW maintains millions of dollars worth of merchandise available to its customers on an in-stock basis. PRW has collaborated with various software developers to refine its inventory control system to interface with most any automated reorder and replenishment software. The most successful product distribution business models incorporate the “sell-one-buy-one” theory of merchandising. PRW has established stock objectives in direct proportion to the needs of its customers.